Patent Leather, Leatherneck Patents, and Letters Pattents

The Patenting of Clothing and Fashion Apparel Under U.S. Law

Clothing is undeniably one of our most basic human needs. Apart from privacy concerns, it serves to cloak our fragile anatomies with protection from exposure to the elements, Mother Nature’s caprices, and various and sundry challenges and threats caused by other people.

Evidence unearthed and examined by historians and archeologists seems to indicate that graments likely were donned by humans sometime between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago. In support thereof, proofs oif early sewing needles, dyed flax fibers, weaving arts, and figurines depicted with clothing have been exhumed that date far back into antiquity. It further appears that early textile-making methods date from at least 6500 B.C., and it is known that woven textiles were used to wrap the dead 6,000 years ago. Similarly, it is well-established that cotton or linene most certainly was used to make garments in ancient Egypt (5500 B.C.), India and China (4000-5000 B.C.), and Japan (5500 B.C.).

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